TOP Advertiser rating for June 2023 by MixDigital

Anna Zagrodska
21 July, 2023

Traditionally, every month we analyze the activity of top advertisers and categories in the digital environment. This time we share with you the statistics for June 2023 and compare the data for the previous month and June 2022. The analysis was carried out using the advertising activity monitoring tool in digital Gemius AdReal.

TOP 25 by Ad Contacts

June 2023 saw a significant drop of ad activity for most categories compared to the previous month and June 2022, which saw a recovery in ad activity for many categories after the start of the full-scale invasion. Retail remains in first place with a significant margin, but in general the top 5 categories have changed — in June, books and the press, education, video games came here, and the top five is closed by the category of pharmaceuticals, the total number of advertising contacts of which decreased by more than three times, which is likely due to the decrease in demand in the summer period for some groups of medicines.


TOP 5 categories by Real Users

The top 5 in terms of the number of unique users who saw the ad is almost the same as the top in terms of the number of advertising contacts. In June, there is a significant decrease in the number of users who were shown ads compared to May 2023. Only 11 million Internet users saw a total of media ads in June 2023 compared to 18 million in the previous month and June 2022.

TOP 25 Advertisers by Ads Contacts

Rozetka, the leader in the number of advertising impressions of the past months, returned to the first place in June 2023, the online store Eobuv is in the second place, Cosmolot, Automarket and Silpo are also in the top 5. Almost all the leaders of the previous month reduced the media pressure in June 2023, compared to June 2022, the volumes of impressions in general among the leaders are also somewhat smaller.

TOP 25 Sites by Ads Contacts, Video ads

YouTube has become the leader among advertising platforms in terms of showing both video ads and banner ads., and Facebook remain the main sites in terms of the number of displayed banner ads.

Thus, in June 2023, we observe a significant subsidence of the digital advertising market after sufficiently high activity of advertisers from the beginning of 2023, but we predict a gradual recovery of the advertising market closer to the end of summer.

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