We unite experienced digital professionals, provide the opportunity to realize the potential of each employee, assist in development and training, value everyone who has become a part of our tight-knit and friendly team.


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We maintain partnerships within the company and adhere to the "peer-to-peer" approach. We avoid micromanagement and in our work we strive towards the "teal approach".

We do not criticize each other, but rather discuss issues together and look for ways to resolve them. Our employees take part in regular strategic planning sessions and submit their ideas about the company's development.

We support development and learning. We study and teach others at Admixer Academy. We have access to limited access lectures from Google, Facebook, Criteo, TikTok, Apple Search, and other partner companies.

We conduct training within the team, raise our soft skills to a new level with the help of a business coach, and conduct workshops. We enjoy having our own online and offline libraries.

We speak at industry conferences and seminars, we present successful cases together with our clients, we share our own experience with others.

We also arrange events for our clients. You can become a speaker in your field of competence, improve your public speaking skills and expand your contact network.

We use Jira for tasks, communicate through Slack, meet online in Google Meet and Zoom. We have an intranet site for our employees.

Our HRM system allows you to arrange vacation, to take a sick leave, or to find out which employee has a birthday or anniversary with total ease.

We cover vacations and sick leaves, and we pay salaries that match the market, your experience, and knowledge.

It all depends on you.

We combine remote work with office work. In proximity to the Lukianivska metro station, comfortable Pet-friendly space with a tennis table, recreational area, PS4, and fruit in the morning await you. You will be able to work during regular business hours, from 10:00 to 19:00.

And you don't waste your time choosing clothes, a smart casual style would do.

7 facts about us


We love to see each other in the office and outside, have parties, and relax together, even while working remotely.

Board games, picnics, pizza on Fridays, and during the quarantine — holiday greetings through video link, virtual coffee breaks, getting acquainted with pets, and shared fitness challenges.


Our team consists of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in digital. We all have something to learn from each other, we always work in synergy and appreciate support.

We rank first in international ratings: IAB, Effie.

We cooperate with Google, Facebook, and other international partners.


We have ambitious goals. We are constantly learning new things, looking for ways to develop, both for the company as a whole and for each employee individually.

We gain new experience through overcoming difficulties and resolving non-standard tasks. This allows us to stay at a high level. While developing personally, we develop our company.


We are proactive and always offer various options of how to solve tasks.

We value independence and responsibility, we welcome ideas and suggestions for improving work and business.


In our work we focus on result. We follow our vision, mission, and values.


We have open communication between all employees and there is no rigid hierarchy within the company.

We discuss news in chats, we can call any of the executives at any time.

Every quarter we discuss the results of the work of the whole team, rejoice in successes, analyze mistakes and draw conclusions.


We think through our steps forward, set strategic goals.

Each of us is the face of MixDigital. All employees are responsible for the overall result.

Living with us

All our processes are clear and strive for perfection. Our company's goals are ambitious, and you can become a part of business development as well
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What awaits a beginner?

A Welcome book, that will help to get acquainted with the company.
A “buddy” to comfortably adapt and join the team.
A mentor will help to delve into the work processes.
An open and friendly team, which is not only easy to work with but also cool to spend some time together. You will never be left alone — in our company you can always find support and ask for help.
An intranet site where one can find all the necessary information: instructions, business processes, presentations, detailed team descriptions.

If you want to become
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and realize your talents in digital marketing – welcome aboard!

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