Advertisers ranking in July by MixDigital

Anna Zagrodska
28 August, 2023

As every month, we present a ranking of the best advertisers. Therefore, we bring to your attention a report on the activity of advertisers in various categories. The analysis was carried out using the tool for monitoring advertising activity in digital — Gemius AdReal*. We compared data for July 2023 with data for the previous month.

ТОP 25 Categories by Ad Contacts

Overall, advertiser category activity in July 2023 decreased slightly compared to June 2023 which is typical for many categories during the summer period of the year. The first place is traditionally held by the retail category by a large margin, but the TOP 5 has undergone some changes — the online betting and casino category was in second place, followed by the books and press, pharmaceuticals and education categories, which have experienced a significant decline in the number of advertising contacts compared to in June.

ТОP 7 Categories by Real Users

The TOP 7 categories in July in terms of the number of unique users who saw advertising practically coincide with the top in terms of the number of advertising contacts. Advertising creatives of brands in the retail category were seen by at least 8.6 million users. In total, in July 2023, about 10.4 million Internet users saw media advertising compared to 10.8 million in June.

ТОP 25 Brands by Ad Contacts

As in the previous month, in July Rozetka remains the leader among other advertisers in terms of the number of advertising contacts, although with significantly lower figures, came in second place with 47.7 million contacts compared to the sixth place and 28.4 million contacts in June. Cosmolot, OLX and Silpo brands also made it into the TOP 5. In general, the media pressure of many brands slightly decreased in July.

ТОP 25 Sites by Ad Video Contacts

YouTube remains the leader among all advertising platforms in terms of the number of advertising contacts. Without changes,, and Facebook remain the main platforms in terms of the number of displayed banner ads.

As in previous years, in June-July 2023, there is a decline in overall advertising activity in digital, so we expect a gradual recovery of the advertising market from the end of summer to the beginning of autumn.

* In the Gemius AdReal advertising monitoring research data from June 1, 2023, the population was re-estimated due to the war in Ukraine, so this and subsequent reports will be based on more accurate data that corresponds to reality, and we will compare the data for the latest and previous month without analysis in dynamics with historical data.

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