How was the summer for the advertising market? Analytics by MixDigital

Anna Zagrodska
28 September, 2023

We present analytics of advertiser activity in the summer of 2023. This year, the most active summer month was June with 1.28 billion ad contacts, and the least active month was August with 0.99 billion ad contacts.

Volumes of advertising communications (advertising contacts), summer 2023

The first place is traditionally occupied by the retail category by a large margin.

TOP 7 categories for advertising contacts, summer 2023

For the period June-August, banner advertising accounted for 83%, while video advertising accounted for 17%. For the vast majority of categories, the share of banner advertising significantly prevails, however, for example, for the categories of super- and hypermarkets and books and press, video advertising accounts for almost half of the advertising impressions.

Communication formats

Top 7 categories, summer 2023

YouTube has become the leader among advertising platforms in terms of displaying both video advertising and banner advertising. The main platforms in terms of the number of banner ads shown remain, and Facebook.

TOP-25 sites by advertising impressions, banner advertising

TOP-25 sites by advertising impressions, video advertising

Rozetka и Automarket – лидеры по количеству рекламных показов не только в своей категории, но и на рынке. Интернет магазин Eobuv, Silpo и Answer также в топ-5 ритейл брендов. В категории фармбрэндов лидером является Британский офтальмологический центр ( Наиболее активные препараты – Пикосен, Меновазан и Магне В6.

ТОП-25 рекламодателей по рекламным контактам

ТОП-25 ритейл брендов по рекламным контактам

ТОП-25 фармпрепаратов/фармбрендов по рекламным контактам

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