“It’s more than a place of work”: the secret of fidelity by the MixDigital team

Anna Zagrodska
3 July, 2023

They say love lasts three years. And it lasts even less with a marketing agency. Well, we’re ready to shatter that stereotype. Today, in celebration of MixDigital’s 10th anniversary, we would like to introduce you to the team members who have been working at the agency for the longest time. Each of them had their own path, but now they are united by a common passion for digital marketing.

Georgiy Petrushin, CEO MixDigital

The driving force of the agency since 2016

“I remember when I joined the team, we were the sales department at Admixer. I am very proud of the fact that we were able to go from a sales team to a leading agency in Ukraine, says Georgiy.

For CEO of the MixDigital agency, it is primarily a team of professional, proactive specialists who are ready to do everything and even more so that the company achieves its goals and the goals of our clients.

For MixDigital, people are the greatest asset. “It is important for us every employee to know that he or she can male a decision-making influence and development of the agency. Everyone can participate in strategy sessions and make suggestions. If employee has ambitions and abilities, we do everything to make MixDigital a place for his or her development, Georgiy comments.

Anna Zagrodska, New Business Director

Increases sales in the agency since 2013

Anna was one of the first employees of the future agency. Anna is a vivid example of a self-made specialist who has made her way from a sales manager to a management position with a large team. Anna recalls her arrival at the company as follows: I worked in a media holding as an advertising sales specialist. I was tempted by the offer to join the Admixer team, because I always dreamed of working with big international brands and I was happy that I had such an opportunity.

For ten years of work, Anna had to develop new processes of cooperation with clients, build a new business department, firstly in Ukraine, and now on international markets.

As Anna admits, MixDigital is half of her life, it’s love, it’s a way to get realized. “I have never bored at work. The agency has everything I need to develop and achieve my goals. In addition, I know that I am surrounded by people with whom we can conquer any peak, this is very inspiring.”

Nataliia Kovaleva, Senior New Business Manager

Hunts for new clients since 2013

According to Nataliia, in ten years she received a great opportunity for self-development. “For ten years of my work, the company has given me the opportunity to constantly development. New tools, new approaches, new services have appeared, our expertise has increased, we have obtained large and international clients, and the range of agency services has increased. It always inspired me to move forward, so I couldn’t even imagine myself in any other agency,” Nataliia comments.

The most important thing that Natalia appreciates in her work is her colleagues, who have already become her family during this time.

Victoria Tymoshenko, Head of Business Development&Finance

Simplifies the agency’s life since 2016

Victoria came to MixDigital by fate. She recalls this period as follows: “At the end of 2015, Admixer absorbed the company I worked for, and my colleagues and I had to adapt to new working conditions. Thanks to competent management, we managed to set everything up, and since then I have become an integral part of the MixDigital family in all strategic endeavors.”

Victoria is grateful for being heard and given the opportunity to put her ideas into practice. “To be honest, in the beginning I didn’t really believe that I would stay in the company for a long time, so I wasn’t shy at all to emphasize the weak points in the organization. This became valuable for the first transformations. Today, I am happy to be part of a team that works like a locomotive and leads the company to those goals that we could not even imagine at the very beginning,” comments Victoria.

Anna Bondarenko, HR Generalist

Helps agency find its people since 2017

Anna had an extensive experience in work organization in various fields, tried herself in her own business. She also worked in customer service, so the offer to become a business process administrator in the agency did not scare her at all, but on the contrary, inspired her to conquer new heights.

During the years of work at the agency, Anna was also responsible for marketing and eventually moved to the HR department, where she built all processes related to personnel management from scratch. “I have finally found myself, I am doing what I have a flair for and what I really like. I am happy that I found a company where I can realize my potential,” Anna admits.

“For me, the team is important in the company and I am proud that we managed to build such a corporate culture where every person can feel important, not be afraid of mistakes and develop according to their abilities and talent. We have a company with a human face, and humanity is the most important thing for me at work,” the HR manager shares.

Ihor Skvortsov, Performance Director

Is responsible for the performance of the agency since 2017

Before joining MixDigital, Ihor worked as a marketer at a fintech company, and later at a performance agency. New challenges help Igor not to get bored at work: entering international markets, launching new products, constant growth and development.

“First of all, I appreciate the agency for the people I work with, for the team of professionals and like-minded people who have become my friends, for people who motivate, set difficult challenges for themselves and successfully achieve them. For respect for everyone’s opinion and a cool corporate culture. The second is opportunities for continuous personal development. In more than 6 years at the agency, I gained invaluable experience and grew from the position of strategist to Performance Director. If you are proactive, make an effort and cheer for the result, many opportunities open up for you.” – Igor says.

Yuliia Uhnivenko, Account Team Lead

Helps customers to be satisfied since 2017

Yuliia came to digital sphere from the bank sector. “It took me a long time to make the decision to move into a new field, because I had no experience in digital. When I first came to the office, it seemed to me like a big swarm, where everyone is doing something, discussing something… and using a lot of words that I did not understand,” recalls Yuliia. She had to devote some time to studying a new field, and Yuliia is very grateful to her colleagues for their patience and support.

“I don’t know what it’s like to work in other agencies and I don’t want to know. I can’t imagine myself outside the agency. I love my colleagues, I value my manager, for me the company is already something more than just a place of work,” Yuliia says.

Yes, it is hard to argue that people are the most valuable capital and when employees treat the business as if it were their own, it is a reason for the company to be proud of them.

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