Google Analytics 4 Setup

On July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics will stop processing new requests. When you switch to Google Analytics 4, you can accumulate enough statistics and data in the new interface, so disconnecting Universal Analytics will not affect your work.

GA4 advantages

  • Combining analytics around events will allow the collection of the same standardized data from all devices and platforms
  • Better user identification thanks to Device ID and Google Signals, and a more convenient setup and User ID Implementation
  • Extended capabilities for creating custom reports (Explorations)
  • Simplified event structure and its setup via GA4 interface
  • Ad and earnings reporting in own apps
  • Work mode that accounts for user confidentiality (Consent Mode)
  • Absence of request limit
  • Simplified setup of cross-domain tracking
  • Automatically registered and recommended events
  • Data-based attribution model (Data Driven)
  • Ability to edit inbuilt reports

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Comparing UA and GA4

Universal Analytics’ architecture is based on sessions/cookies. Google Analytics 4 is a system, based on events and users. Everything in GA 4 is built around the user, and any interaction with the site is considered an event.
Google Analytics 4 has abandoned the representations — now everything is set up only at the source level, with a new unit — data flow.
Adding a few website flows and an app for each source is possible. Universal Analytics had a separate source from the site and an independent one from the mobile app.
GA4 has fewer standard reports, and it is easier to create special reports using Explorations. The research interface is similar to Looker Studio, you can easily create special reports that are suitable for specific users/roles.
Having installed Universal Analytics on the site, we received an empty tracker. Google Analytics 4 sets up automatic events by default: page views, scrolls, exit clicks, file downloads, and more.
The changes occurred in the structure of the actual events: instead of Category, Action, Label, Value, now there are event names.
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