Campaign Manager 360 is a Google product for placing and auditing advertising campaigns. It is a part of the Google Marketing Platform ecosystem.

It helps evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Allows you to conduct post-click and post-view analysis of user behaviour after the contact with advertising in terms of channels, frequencies, and other parameters.


Campaign Manager 360 allows to

  • Deliver creatives to user and at the same time collect data that can be measured and applied to the marketing strategy using the AdServing function
  • Target on platforms (browser, device, operating system)
  • Determine an optimal contact frequency, analyze the effectiveness of the creative, the duration of a media effect
  • Analyze conversions with different attribution methods. Build a primary attribution map
  • Evaluate overall reach across all placements. Sketch the reach not only in cookies but also in users
  • Verify impressions, analyze placement quality, track geo-targeting, invalid impressions, and clicks
  • Display statistics in terms of platform
  • Avoid fraud traffic
  • Optimize platforms and targeting
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of media campaigns in terms of target actions on the site

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