YouTube is available in over 100 countries. In Ukraine, it is the second platform in terms of reaching the Internet audience. 70% of Ukrainians who use the Internet visit YouTube for 40 minutes every day.

Worldwide, 2 billion users watch YouTube videos every day; 90% of users watch a related product video on YouTube before choosing a product.

YouTube allows to

  • Build effective reach of target audiences through video ads at the beginning, after, or at the end of the video (with or without a skip-option), optimize for a broad reach
  • Build brand awareness and recall through videos with (or without) the skip-option at the beginning, after, or at the end of the video
  • Drive user interaction with video link banners in search results or lists
  • Tell users consistent stories through a series of videos to consolidate awareness and drive action
  • Increase sales with promotional videos and shopping ads right inside the video
  • Measure the impact of advertising campaigns on brand awareness through Brand Lift research
  • Build additional reach outside the platform

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Available formats

  • TrueView in Stream
  • TrueView for Reach
  • TrueView Discovery
  • TrueView for Action
  • TrueView for Shopping
  • Bumper Ads
  • Out Stream
  • Video Ad Sequencing


  • Socio-demographic parameters
  • GEO
  • Language
  • Devices
  • Keywords
  • Placements
  • Content categories
  • Interests, intentions, life events
  • Custom audiences
  • Look-a-Like audiences
  • Own data: site visitors, application users, CRM data, YouTube audiences
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Our employees are skilled professionals with decades of experience in digital.
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We set prices for our services transparently and clearly. We are honest with our customers.
We value long-term cooperation. More than 70% of customers have been with us for 3+ years.
We hold leading positions in the IAB and Effie rankings.
We have the status of a partner company of Google, Criteo and other international platforms.
MixDigital specialists are certified as Meta Media Buying Professionals.

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