Search Ads 360

Search Ads 360 is a Google Marketing Platform product for managing, monitoring and optimizing advertising campaigns. It allows saving 70% of the time while launching ad campaigns and increases efficiency by 15-30%.

You can optimize campaigns in Google Ads, Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu. Statistics and attribution are based on data from Facebook, Display & Video 360, and other systems.

Search Ads 360 allows to

  • Manage campaigns automatically with Inventory Management based on Data Feed: automation of low-frequency keywords, dynamic and current ad pricing, Out of Stock = campaign stop
  • Plan the campaigns’ start and stop through Business data Adjust seasonality, exclude incorrect statistics
  • Adjust seasonality, exclude incorrect statistics
  • Optimize campaigns for CPA, Revenue, Impression Share, Profit
  • Adjust optimization for multiple conversions, specifying the "weight" for each conversion
  • Transfer up to 100 different variables, offline data in bidding strategies and a data-driven attribution model through the Floodlight conversion counter
  • Configure cross-channel remarketing with Facebook, Display&Video 360, and other systems
  • Receive customized reports for quick access to statistics
  • Predict the optimal conversion cost

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Available formats (campaign types)

Search campaigns
Search campaigns based on feed data (Inventory Management)
Shopping Campaign
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Our employees are skilled professionals with decades of experience in digital.
We offer comprehensive solutions for advertising campaigns, using all the options of media&performance approaches in digital.
We completely immerse ourselves in client's business. We work not with briefs, but with companies that have clear goals and objectives.
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We value long-term cooperation. More than 70% of customers have been with us for 3+ years.
We hold leading positions in the IAB and Effie rankings.
We have the status of a partner company of Google, Criteo and other international platforms.
MixDigital specialists are certified as Meta Media Buying Professionals.

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