MixDigital TradeDesk

MixDigital TradeDesk (DSP) is a programmatic ad-buying platform based on Admixer technology with its own Admixer.DMP. With more than 80 thousand sites and 100+ inventory sources in 86 countries. The platform is integrated with the best SSP and advertising networks and reaches 99% of Ukraine’s Internet audience.

In-house teams can get MixDigital TradeDesk under full management with technical support and advice.

MixDigital TradeDesk allows to

  • Purchase inventory at open and closed auctions through direct and connection agreements
  • Verify creatives, use black and white sheets. The platform uses anti-fraud and meets IAB standards
  • Receive real-time reports, automatically upload data through the Stat API to external databases and create customized dashboards
  • Eliminate audience overlap between sites and mobile applications

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Available formats

  • Standard
  • Animated
  • In-stream
  • Out-stream
  • Rewarded
Other formats
  • Native
  • Mobile
  • Expandable HTML5
  • Rich Media
  • WOW formats


  • GEO (including hyperlocal targeting)
  • Device type
  • Day and time
  • Sociodemographic parameters
  • Behavior
  • Retargeting
  • Third-party data
  • Activation of CRM data
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Advantages of working with us

Our employees are skilled professionals with decades of experience in digital.
We offer comprehensive solutions for advertising campaigns, using all the options of media&performance approaches in digital.
We completely immerse ourselves in client's business. We work not with briefs, but with companies that have clear goals and objectives.
We set prices for our services transparently and clearly. We are honest with our customers.
We value long-term cooperation. More than 70% of customers have been with us for 3+ years.
We hold leading positions in the IAB and Effie rankings.
We have the status of a partner company of Google, Criteo and other international platforms.
MixDigital specialists are certified as Meta Media Buying Professionals.

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