Criteo is an international advertising platform with 30 offices in 19 countries. Active campaigns are being run in 95 countries. The platform contains data on more than 2 billion users.

Criteo helps retailers and brands of all sizes increase online sales, number of leads, and on-site and in-app actions. Smart dynamic retargeting allows returning the site users who have not performed the intended action. And with the help of campaigns at the Consideration stage, you can attract the target audience, which is more likely to be converted into customers.



  • Configure campaign retargeting for users who visited the site but didn't make a purchase or other intended action
  • Show ads to new interested users thanks to Similar and Commerce Audience solutions
  • Reactivate the "sleeping" audience with Customer Match – to target the customer base by their email addresses
  • Promote mobile apps: Increase downloads and actions within the app
  • Use machine learning algorithms. The engine learns from real examples of customer behavior, adapts to the goals of each advertising campaign
  • Predict bids depending on each user's interest, probability and value of conversion, and achievement of the required inventory
  • Sell offers that the user has not yet viewed. Take into consideration the overall habits of the user, and not just the last viewed or the most popular products
  • Optimize banners thanks to Dynamic Creative Optimization. The system for dynamic optimization compiles banners for each user, utilizes different colors and layouts
  • Consolidate the purchase history and data of targeted user actions on all devices with Universal Match

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  • Ability to target the audience of a site and an application
  • Email address database targeting
  • Similar Audience — an audience similar to those who performed transactions or other target actions
  • Commerce Audiences — data on purchasing intentions (visitors of certain categories of products or brands)
  • Contextual targeting
  • GEO-targeting
  • Socio-demographic parameters
  • Device type
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We hold leading positions in the IAB and Effie rankings.
We have the status of a partner company of Google, Criteo and other international platforms.
MixDigital specialists are certified as Meta Media Buying Professionals.

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