MixDigital TradeDesk: a programmatic platform with a direct connection to Viber

Anna Zagrodska
25 September, 2023

The MixDigital advertising agency would not have gained its reputation and multitudinous portfolio without a high-quality technical background. This background was the programmatic platform MixDigital TradeDesk based on Admixer with its own Admixer.DMP. In addition to the fact that this platform covers 99% of the Internet audience of Ukraine and more than 80 thousand sites, it has the ability to work directly with the Viber network without the help of any intermediaries. In this article, we will take a closer look at what this programmatic platform is capable of and the possibilities of its cooperation with Viber.

Learn more about TradeDesk

MixDigital TradeDesk is a programmatic platform or tool for automating ad campaigns through programmatic purchasing and ad campaign management. Its second definition is a platform for implementing media campaigns and purchasing inventory for advertising.

This programmatic platform is based on Admixer technology and has access to more than 80,000 sites and more than 100 inventory sources from 86 countries. Also, this tool covers 99% of the Internet audience of Ukraine and is integrated with the best SSPs and advertising networks.

What is this programmatic platform capable of?

The TradeDesk software platform has many opportunities and advantages. In particular, with TradeDesk it is possible to:

  • In real-time, receive consolidated analytics based on the results of advertising campaigns and evaluate the potential of the inventory
  • Build brand awareness and drive sales through Display & Video advertising campaigns
  • Use multi-format creatives that encourage users to take action, which at the same time increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • Get more relevant ad impressions by buying inventory directly from top publishers
  • Buy inventory through direct deals with publishers as well as real-time auctions (RTB)

Advantages of MixDigital TradeDesk

Among the main advantages of this tool for automated management of advertising campaigns, the following can be highlighted:

    • Work with many advertising formats. WOW-formats, mobile and native, animated and standard banners, in-Stream and Out-of-Stream videos, Rewarded videos
  • Access to the best Ukrainian publishers
    • Brand protection. For this reason, this programmatic platform has the ability to verify creatives, anti-fraud, compliance with IAB standards, and support for ads.txt
  • Transparent pricing policy
  • Automated reporting
  • Ability to conclude direct agreements with publishers connected to TradeDesk

What TradeDesk can do together with Viber

Working directly with Viber has many advantages, mainly thanks to new Viber features that directly apply to advertising campaigns:

  • Centralized campaign management

MixDigital customers and TradeDesk users can integrate Viber advertising into their advertising campaigns. With the help of TradeDesk, it is possible to manage the frequency and fine-tune the targeting of Viber campaigns simultaneously with other campaigns and do this all from a single Admixer.DSP dashboard, which is the basis of TradeDesk.

  • DMP and demographic targeting

Direct access to Viber resources will have a positive impact on the segmentation capabilities of the target audience. Expanding segmentation capabilities is a direct result of access to demographic information in Viber user profiles such as language, age, and gender.

  • Inclusion of own data

From now on, Viber will provide the opportunity to use its own data — to connect, collect, and segment existing audiences for remarketing purposes.

  • New advertising formats

Viber also provides new ad formats. So, to the formats that were traditionally available in TradeDesk, such as, for example, Desktop Native, More Screen and Chat Extension will be added.

  • Improved campaign performance planning

Thanks to Admixer.DSP technology and its dashboard, MixDigital advertisers can better plan the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Data on the volume and availability of inventory became available to them, which is also transparent for agencies and brands.


The TradeDesk programmatic platform, which is a MixDigital tool, significantly expands the capabilities of advertisers to manage their advertising campaigns. This is an opportunity to manage your campaign in real-time, and to use various creative formats. It should also be noted its ability to work directly with Viber, because now, thanks to the integration with Rakuten, it is possible to segment the audience in detail by sociodemographic characteristics, include new advertising formats, and more thoroughly plan the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

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