Lowering Views and Impressions Costs and Achieving 43,631 Targeted Actions

MixDigital Team
17 December, 2020

Task and KPI:

We needed to create reach and to build a knowledge base on the way to conversion. The behavioral path of vacation booking isn’t linear. Our client wanted to tell about early booking benefits. We needed to find out how media advertising affects the end result in the customer journey.


  • We focused on big cities.
  • Our budgets were divided between cities that showed the best results during the campaign.


  • Full-Screen video, 15-sec duration, TrV In-stream.
  • 6-sec teaser for Bumper Ads.

To evaluate the effectiveness, we’ve used Google Campaign Manager. It has helped:

  • Compare and evaluate the effectiveness of creative.
  • See PostView and Cross-Device conversions.
  • Define the cost-effective frequency for customer returns to the website.
  • Analyse media trail.

We discovered:

  • The advertisement activity on the low contact frequencies (1-2) is optimal for the cost of bringing the user to the site.
  • PostView and Cross-Device analysis in Campaign Manager shows a user searched for us after watching the ad. They track activities across different devices. So we discovered those conversions, which are not in the PostClick report. And there were quite a few of them.


  • PostClick Conversions — 8%
  • PostView Conversions — 23%
  • CrossDevice Conversions — 69%

While partially analyzing via PostClick we uncovered that cost was lower for TrV In-stream. But, the deeper analysis demonstrated that BumperAds gives 83% cheaper pending conversions. Media trail analysis has shown that users are actively returning to the site during the week after watching ads.

Campaign results:

From December 2019 till February 2020:

  • Reached 6.1 million targeted audience.
  • Reduced cost of impressions by 38% and cost of viewing by 25%.
  • Got 43 631 targeted actions on site.
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