How to Promote Medical Reform: “Your Family Doctor” campaign

MixDigital Team
10 May, 2022

Since 2018 medical reform has begun in Ukraine — a radical change in the health care system turned the former “district doctors” into primary healthcare (PHC). Family doctors became its core. The project aims to develop a new culture of caring for one’s health with the help of family doctors with high professional standards.

It’s a social project, so budgets are not so huge. The client wanted to achieve results within a small budget. Digital advertising was used for communication with the target audience. We receive comments or feedback directly under ads on Facebook. So that the client could understand how our audience caught an idea, was everything clear, or if we needed to communicate differently.

“Your Family Doctor” brand was created with the help of SUPERWISE Bureau — the strategic support of brands and companies. Iryna Tymoschenko-Petrova, the co-owner of SUPERWISE is telling: “We have been working with MixDigital agency for a long period. We are aware of their values and rules, we know that they provide serious expertise. MixDigital proved to us that they are ready to help clients”.

The scope of work: project steps, key deliverables, and tools used

The project unfolded in 2020. The media budget was spent only on digital advertising (≈10% of the project budget). The rest was free of charge due to the social essence of the project and partnerships with the state and other NGOs. We focused on Facebook Ads. Also used video ads.

“We communicate with the account manager, — told Iryna. From our side, we have specialists, who follow placements and get results. But in our work, we don’t want to only get results from the digital agency. Our cooperation is very dynamic. We know that our project was led by a team of different experts on all levels: Media Planners, Programmatic Specialists, and Web Analytics”.

Results of the campaign

The campaign is really complex and long-lasting. So far, we got:

  • 3.2 million impressions for the 1st flight of the digital campaign (23.11.2020 to 14.01.2021);
  • 2.8 million impressions for the 2nd flight of the digital campaign (06.07.2021 to 04.08.2021);
  • 5 million impressions on Facebook.

During the first year, we launched a mass campaign. In the second year, we narrowed down the audience and worked with family doctors more. Digital tools help us with the wow-effect because there is no other tool with this way of getting feedback. “The team is so flexible and friendly. We are ready for new challenges, new tools they will propose to us”, — noticed Iryna.

The main result so far is the Silver Effie Award in the Engaged Community category. “Together with MixDigital we have created a strong community of doctors and patients and have driven medical reform in Ukraine and continue to do so. We are definitely excited about this achievement. We only wish we would have more budget for all our digital needs. Also, we are working on strategy and will ask for expertise due to new focus”, — summarized Iryna.

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