App Promotion for Car Rental Service

MixDigital Team
9 August, 2019

Project goal:

To launch a new service of per-minute car rental, to build awareness among the target audiences, tell about USP and competitive advantage. Form a need for a service among a new audience and get part of the market share at the expense of competitors.

Campaign’s goals:

  • Get 30,000 installs of the mobile app in 3 months.
  • CPI 0,25 $.
  • Develop a customer retention strategy.


The campaign was based on a mixed marketing strategy via Google Ads and DV360. In order not to lose any group of potential users, we were targeting IOS and Android smartphone users. We segmented them by interest, behavior, location, and other criteria. Additionally, we were analyzing in-app behavior to build lists for promotion, remarketing, and look-a-like targeting.

To meet the client expectations and reach the client’s KPI, we:

  • 1) analyzed audience groups size;
  • 2) compared industry benchmarks and MixDigital benchmarks.

We set up sync between AppsFlyer, DV360 and Google Ads:

  • App Installs Tracking.
  • App Activity Tracking.
  • Collecting audiences.

We created an effective structure in DV360 and Google Ads based on the user funnel. We segmented users and created ad concepts for every segment with a unique selling proposition and competitive advantage.

By the ongoing of the campaign, we worked with different bid strategies. At first, we optimized the campaign for installs. As we collected data, we used optimization for “complete_registration” and then “purchase”.

To make sure that we were working only with the most effective groups of the audience and relevant content, particular attention was paid to the testing stage. We tested different ads concepts, excluded irrelevant placements, channels, device types and operating systems. As a result, we were able to optimize the campaign and achieve the client’s KPI.


  • We received more than 33 000 app installs. The average CPI was 0.22$.
  • We had a 30-day Retention Rate of 25% and a 90-day Retention Rate of 20%.

We increased brand awareness, generated organic demand, and generated an active users base.

Clients had a lot of barriers: be older than 21, have a driving license, and enough money on the bank account for a car deposit. Therefore, the 30-day retention rate was relatively low for the mobile app industry; 80% of registered clients continue to use the app with a stable frequency.


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