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The leading digital agency in Ukraine, according to IAB Ukraine 2022
The leader in the Media category, 2nd place in the Data and Analytics category, and Top 5 in the Performance, according to IAB Ukraine.
Several top spots at the Effie Awards Ukraine
Silver in 2021 in Creating a Brand Consumer Community category. Gold and bronze in 2020 in the categories of Topical Marketing and Business Challenge.
Part of Admixer Group
Admixer Group is a digital advertising technology company providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for publishers, advertisers, and ad agencies.
Criteo Premium Partner
Google Premier Partner
IAB Ukraine Member
Our Services


Digital Media Strategy
Developing comprehensive marketing strategy to promote a brand, product, or service in the digital space.
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Media Advertising
Programmatic and direct media buying of banner and video advertising.
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Search Engine Advertising
Search engine advertising to promote the ranking on search page results.
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Social Media Advertising
Communicating with the target audience on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn.
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Video Advertising
Increasing brand awareness and creating demand for a product or service.
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Mobile App Promotion
Creating ad campaigns to encourage mobile app installs.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Increasing website positions in the organic search.
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Web Analytics and Reporting
Providing comprehensive support ranging from the setup of web analytics services to the management of Big Data.
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Content Marketing
Creating content that promotes a brand, product, or service while benefitting the reader.
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We have delivered over 3,000 campaigns over the last 8 years

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During our cooperation, the company has proven itself as a reliable and proactive partner. All tasks were performed efficiently and on time. Outstanding traits of the company are as follows: orientation on result, flexibility, transparency, and speed. The agency team knows its business and is responsible for the results. Services and products are offered at a high level. I recommend MixDigital as an effective, responsible, and reliable partner.

The agency's team has planned and successfully implemented a campaign to promote a pharmaceutical drug that hadn’t previously been presented on the Internet. All tasks were fulfilled, the company proved to be a reliable and professional partner, whom we can safely recommend. By choosing MixDigital as your partner, you will receive quality expertise and a result-oriented team of experienced professionals who will work to achieve your goals.

Our cooperation with MixDigital agency began in autumn 2019. During this time, the team has established itself as an expert in many areas. All processes of preparation, launch, audit, analytics of advertising campaigns run smoothly. When conducting advertising campaigns for us, as a manufacturer of drugs, it is of great importance to quickly change advertising activities, re-plan the budget, tools, and platforms. During the whole period of our cooperation, there were no delays in resolving these issues. I also want to note that the adaptation of the ad campaign settings has allowed us to optimize our ad budget and increase the effectiveness of advertising activities. In addition to the quality of these services, I would like to emphasize the high professionalism, competence, and prompt feedback to resolve any issues that might have arised. I can recommend MixDigital as an expert in their field. I thank you for the high-quality result and pleasant cooperation.

MixDigital will become your reliable partner and guide through the rapidly evolving Digital Universe. The greatest value for me, as a client, is a cohesive and professional team that always answers any questions rapidly, adapts flexibly to changes, finds alternative solutions and is always in touch.

We have launched contextual advertising with MixDigital. I want to note the ease of cooperation with the company at all stages. And with this, I am talking about transparent conditions and clear media plans, precise and timely reports, which is especially valuable for me as a client. All changes were made rapidly, and the manager Victoria Kazus was always in touch with me. All issues were resolved quickly and in a friendly atmosphere. I am grateful for productive cooperation. I advise MixDigital as a reliable partner and true professionals.

I am satisfied with our cooperation with MixDigital and I can safely recommend this agency as a reliable partner for solving problems in digital. The agency team always helps in time with all issues that may arise in the scope of our cooperation. They show a lot of patience for the slowness of some decisions on our part.

During our cooperation, they have proved themselves as a highly professional company. Tasks are solved quickly and efficiently, documents are provided on time, they are loyal to customers.

During our cooperation with AUTO.Ria and DOM.Ria, MixDigital agency has proven to be a reliable, professional partner. The interaction was easy and interesting, managers and specialists have demonstrated their activity, expertise and interest in the final result. It seems that the agency has a strong team that can solve a whole variety of digital issues

For more than a year now, MixDigital has been our reliable partner in planning and placing ads on the Internet. The agency team successfully and timely implements all the advertising tasks, both in media and in performance branches. We recommend MixDigital as a reliable and honest partner who can deliver expertise and a team of experienced professionals.

We have been working with the team for 3 years. During this time, we have become assured of the reliability of the partner. MixDigital always fulfills its commitments and is open to dialogue. We are grateful for their professionalism and efficiency in the work.

Our company has been cooperating with MixDigital for over 8 years. During this time, we have implemented numerous joint projects. We release several films every month and each of them is accompanied by an ad campaign, targeted at a wide variety of audiences. Thanks to their effective planning, we have always been able to achieve the desired results. I appreciate the efficiency of our partners and their willingness to listen to our needs.

At the end of 2018, JSC “Ukrposhta” had the opportunity to cooperate with the MixDigital agency. Starting a new relationship at the end of the year is quite a risky undertaking for each party, especially if it is a high season for your services. Despite these circumstances, the team working on the project has demonstrated a high level of professionalism. We especially want to note their responsibility, well-coordinated work, speed of reaction, openness to dialogue and willingness to look for mutually beneficial solutions. It has been interesting and informative to work with our colleagues. If such a possibility arose, we plan to continue our cooperation.

It’s a highly responsive and capable team, and I enjoy working with you.

The ad campaign in December 2020 - January 2021 was the first campaign of "Runa" TM in digital channels. We chose the MixDigital team. First of all due to their customer focus, professionalism and well-known rankings. Our main goal was to access new platforms for us, to master, to understand the audience and budgets and to get acquainted with the tools that these channels offer and all their possibilities. With the assistance of MixDigital specialists, from the manager and strategist to the whole team (since I am not acquainted with everyone personally), we have been able to achieve our goal. We have been able to understand the algorithm for building a media plan, methods for budget optimization, how to launch processes and implement campaigns. We could observe the progress, evaluate the campaign results in general and the loyalty of the audience in particular. We continue to communicate digitally with our target audience, tell them about the new line of sauces and plan to launch new campaigns.

We have been working with MixDigital since the beginning of 2019 in the branch of Display and Performance advertising. We appreciate the company for its flexibility, transparency and efficiency of the team, which has always been ready to provide professional support.

We thank the Mix Digital team for coordinated work, rapid interaction and professionalism. Our colleagues from MixDigital do know how to solve unconventional problems, are always focused on the result and are weaponed with innovative solutions. That is why MixDigital is on the list of reliable partners who are ready to pick up a project of any complexity.

We are collaborating with MixDigital on the “Your Family Doctor” project, which is a large-scale national campaign to support medical reform in Ukraine. The brand “Your family doctor” unites the community of doctors and patients, helps promote the need for family medicine. It’s a social project, budgets for placement are small, so we required maximum effectiveness from the advertising in digital. First of all, we expect high expertise and a desire to help the client from an agency, we need turnkey services. Therefore, we did not think for a long time about choosing the agency. Our interaction with the team is very lively: the account manager always advises which tools to turn off, which ones to reinforce. The campaign comes out dynamic, and the results are often even better than expected. Digital tools help create a wide reach, and this is critical to convey to people the essence of interaction with a family doctor. In addition, on social networks you can receive comments and questions from people - something that you will not achieve with other placement options. We always read comments, understand which topics should be focused on more, where additional information is required, or the help of specialists. We have our own customer for the project, the charitable organization “100% Life” and they are also pleased with the result.